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Historic Heritage since 1850's

Our first harvest 2019 of EVoo (Extra Virgin olive oil) of Arbequina  olive tree varieties

Our Olive farm is located on the scenic and historic Woodpecker Trail route along state Route 121, runs through North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.   Tracy (6 Gen) & Curtis Poling are the proprietaries With 300 acres our farm has 6 generations of family heritage in Long Leaf Pine forestation.  In 2015 we installed Our 6,000 olive tree orchard. 

EVOO Olive Oil = Healthy Life!


The olive tree – Symbol of Immortality 

 It was Athens, goddess of wisdom, the wisest of Zeus’s daughters, that had stuck a spear into the ground at the break of civilization, and the spear had turned into an olive tree ...

The importance of olive oil to the people of the world is reflected in past writings and even laws. The Greek poet Homer called it “liquid gold.” The Greek philosopher Democritus believed a diet of honey and olive oil could allow a man to live to be a hundred, an extremely old age in a time where life expectancy hovered around forty years. In the sixth century B.C. the Athenian legislator Solon introduced laws protecting olive trees. In a grove only two trees could be removed each year. Breaking this law incurred severe penalties, including execution. There are more than a hundred references in the Bible to olives and olive oil. 

The olive branch signifies peace , because of their slow growth, in ancient times olives were not cultivated during war time and therefore considered as peace-time trees. The olive branch has long been known as a symbol of victory, peace and purity. It has been historically worn by brides, carried by doves and made into wreaths. The use of olive branches as peace symbols has also been extended into treaties. Today, “extending an olive branch” is a phrase often used for when people make efforts to resolve fights or disputes, big and small.

Today Extra virgin olive oil is recognized of its tremendous antioxidant properties and health benefits. It also is full of vitamins K and E and  monounsaturated fatty acids. .


First Press of EVOO


Our first harvest 2019 of EVoo (Extra Virgin olive oil) of Arbequina  olive tree varieties is now available.  Check some out now on our online store.